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Are you looking for Cheap Tyres Wirral?

Tyres are the key components of your vehicle, as they are the only connection of the vehicle with the road. So, it is vital you pay special attention to them.

If you plan to buy a new set of car tyres Wirral, Croft Automotive Group offers a wide range of quality tyres at reasonable rates. Whether you are looking for Premium- Mid-range tyres in Wirral, you can find them here!

Not only that, but we also ensure that you get the perfect tyre variant for optimal performance.

Tyre options in our inventory


Summer Tyres Wirral

They are specially designed for hot weather. If you drive in conditions above 7°C, it’s recommended that you use summer tyres. They enhance your safety and driving comfort. A harder rubber compound is used in these tyres to make sure they do not soften even when the road surface becomes very hot. In comparison to winter tyres, these tyres feature a lower tread depth and special aquaplaning protection.

Winter Tyres Wirral

These tyres are specially designed for driving in cold weather. They are perfect for driving on ice and road surfaces covered with snow and sleet. Experts recommend the use of winter tyres if you drive in conditions below 7°C. The softer compound used in these tyres allows them to stay flexible, providing optimal grip. Winter tyres have a deeper tread depth that helps them disperse more water.

All Season Tyres Wirral

These tyres are a mix of summer and winter properties. A set of all-season tyres can do an excellent job throughout the year and is a good option for low-mileage drivers and those driving in areas with moderate climates.

Please note: All-season tyres are not recommended for use in extreme weather conditions.

4x4 Tyres in Wirral

These tyres are specially designed for SUVs- and similar vehicles since standard tyres are not capable of carrying these larger, heavier vehicles.

There are three different 4x4 tyre variants available for different purposes: Highway-, All-, and Mud terrain.

Performance Tyres in Wirral

If you are driving a sports car, then these are the tyres made for you. Performance tyres are best for providing superior grip and control at higher speeds. The construction and materials used provide excellent cornering precision.

Run-flat Tyres in Wirral

These tyres are constructed with reinforced sidewalls that stay stable even in the event of sudden pressure loss caused by a puncture.

Run flats enable the driver to continue the journey for about 50 miles at a reduced speed—usually, enough time to get help.

Croft Automotive Wirral is your go-to destination if you’re searching for a reliable garage for cheap tyres Wirral.

You can browse the tyre catalogue, order, and book a fitting appointment on this website. You can certainly combine the tyre service with any of our other services.

If you need advice before buying or already know what you want, you can also order over the phone or come directly to our Croft Automotive Group Garage at 1 Mosedale Road, Croft Business Park, Bromborough, Wirral, CH62 3QZ.

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