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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Punctures can occur anytime, at any place, regardless of how new or old the tyres are. Quality puncture repairs can help you avoid immediate, costly tyre replacements. We, Croft Automotive, provide an effective and lasting solution for punctures at affordable prices. End your search for puncture repair Wirral by choosing us.

Punctures are typically caused when sharp objects, such as a nail, spike, screw, large piece of glass and so on get stuck in the tyre. Most of the time, the air flows out of the tyre immediately but this is not always the case, as slow punctures are also possible at times.

We recommend getting a tyre pressure check done every month and we offer it free of charge. Other than that, you should have a quick look at your tyres now and then to make sure there are no sharp objects, loose valves, etc.

How do we perform puncture repair Wirral?

A puncture can be repaired in several ways. Here are some of them that our mechanics use:


A patch is used to seal the puncture in this method. It is made up of latex material or rubber and applied to the inside of the tyre where the puncture is. This method is a permanent solution for small punctures.


To seal the punctured area, a patch is fitted from the inside (like a plaster). This method is used to repair very small punctures.

Combination of plug and patch

Both a patch and a plug are used to repair the puncture in this method. A plug is inserted into the punctured area from the outside, and a patch is applied to the inside to completely seal the puncture. Our experts consider this method to be the most effective, especially for larger punctures.

Tyre Replacement

In certain cases, a puncture cannot be repaired for safety reasons. There are strict rules specified by the British Standard BSAU159.

When a tyre has a damage to the sidewall, for example, has a bulge showing or has any other damage the tyre must not be repaired.

If the tyre’s thread depth is 1,6mm (the legal minimum) or below, a repair is no longer possible. The same goes for tyres with exposed cords.

A tyre puncture that has previously been repaired with a DIY kit, should not always be repaired.

Runflat tyres are not considered to be safe for repairs due to their construction. Once they have been driven on without air can change their structure.

In case a tyre cannot be repaired, do not worry, as we can provide tyre replacement services as well. We always have a vast variety of tyres available for every car type and budget.

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