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Are you looking for Carbon Cleaning for your vehicle?

Engines produce power by burning fuel, and during the process, soot and other residues build up and are caught in a filter.

Emission control devices like catalysts and diesel particulate filters are built into the car.

While filtering out the harmful pollutants, some soot or carbon accumulates inside the engine and exhaust system components. To maintain the smooth performance of the vehicle and to ensure no harmful gases are released into the inside of the car or the environment, it is necessary to get carbon cleaning done regularly. Our experts here at Croft Automotive recommend getting carbon cleaning Wirral done every 15000 miles.

How do you identify if your vehicle needs carbon cleaning?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it may indicate that you should get carbon cleaning Wirral done:

The engine is not producing enough power

If soot has accumulated in the engine, it won’t be able to produce enough power, leading to decreased acceleration.

Check engine light

When a fair amount of carbon accumulates in the engine, it will misfire, and a check engine light will turn on. In such a situation, you should immediately contact us for carbon cleaning Wirral, as it could damage the engine and other exhaust system components.

Loss of power

Soot accumulated in the engine and exhaust system may result in a loss of power or even a sudden vehicle breakdown.

Decreased fuel economy

When carbon accumulates in the engine, the engine has to work harder to run the car, due to which the car consumes more fuel. To save on the extra fuel, get in touch with us for quality carbon cleaning services.

Our expert technicians here at Croft Automotive thoroughly check the exhaust system and clean the filter.

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