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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

The exhaust system is a very crucial part of your vehicle, as it prevents your car from emitting harmful pollutants into the air. Keeping it in optimum condition not only helps meet legal standards but also keeps the environment safe.

If you are looking for a reliable centre for exhaust service Wirral for your car, we, Croft Automotive, are one of the best in the business, recognised for our trusted and dependable services. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and technology to provide the best possible care for your car.

What is done in an exhaust service?

Various components of the exhaust system are carefully inspected during an exhaust service Wirral. Have a look at a few of the components checked:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Exhaust muffler, pipes and resonator
  • Up-pipe and Down-pipe, etc.

When to visit us for an exhaust service?

If you notice any of the following, you should immediately visit us for exhaust service Wirral:

The silencer is making too much noise

If you hear excessive noise from the exhaust while accelerating, it is an indication that there might be something wrong with the exhaust system, and you should get it checked immediately.

Vehicle consuming more fuel

The vehicle tends to consume more fuel and emit more carbon if the exhaust system is not functioning properly. As soon as you notice it, reach out to us for an exhaust system check.

Strange smells

If you notice a burning smell, there might be a problem with the catalytic converter or a leak. Address it as soon as you can.

Vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal

While driving, if you feel vibrations in your steering wheel or brake pedal, it is a symptom of an exhaust malfunction. If you feel the whole car vibrating, then it means there is a serious problem with the exhaust system, and it should be addressed immediately.

Rusted silencer

Rust might ruin your exhaust system, so upon noticing the first sign of it, reach out to us to avoid any major issues.

Unusual exhaust smoke

Your car will produce a higher amount of smoke than usual if the exhaust system is not in optimal condition. You can identify the condition of the exhaust system by the colour of the smoke. If you notice any other colour than “thin white,” it is a clear indication that the exhaust system needs repair.

End your search for a reliable centre for exhaust service Wirral by choosing us.

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