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Are you looking for Dpf Cleaning for your vehicle?

DPF is an abbreviation for Diesel Particulate Filter. This technology is specifically designed for diesel engines. These engines produce harmful pollutants while generating power to run the vehicle by burning fuel. DPF filters and burns off the harmful soot so that it does not escape into the air; in the process, some residue remains in it.

This residual soot accumulates over time and beyond a specific limit; it can damage your vehicle's exhaust components and harm the environment. So, it becomes essential to get DPF cleaning done regularly. Our experts recommend DPF cleaning Wirral once a year to improve the vehicle's performance and maintain longevity.

To avoid unwanted situations, choose Croft Automotive for reliable, affordable, and quality DPF cleaning Wirral services.

How does DPF cleaning work?

Passive regeneration

Passive regeneration happens when the engine reaches a temperature of 300-350ºC, which can be achieved by moving the vehicle at a certain speed. The DPF then burns off the soot automatically.

Active regeneration

If the engine is unable to produce a high enough temperature, soot accumulates in the DPF, and then active regeneration is required. During active regeneration, fuel and air are injected into the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) of the DPF to meet the specified temperature.

If the DPF is not cleaned regularly, it can become severely clogged, and it then needs to be cleaned manually or even replaced.

How to know if the DPF needs cleaning?

By noticing certain symptoms, you can know whether you need to get the DPF cleaned:

  • Exhaust is releasing thin black smoke
  • Excessive noise from the engine
  • Fuel consumption has significantly increased
  • Fans creating more noise

Our experienced team of technicians uses the latest tools and technology to diagnose and fix issues. You can rest assured that our technicians always deliver top-notch DPF cleaning Wirral services that are unparalleled in quality.

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